Geoff Summach
Managing Partner, SAW Strategic Design Studio

I have been utilizing the business coaching services of Laura Watson now for almost two years. In these two years not only have I managed to grow my business but more importantly, overcome challenges and implement change in the day to day operations that had frustrated me for years. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who is looking to change their results and be able to grow both professionally and personally. She has a great and unique way of coaching that I have yet to find in any other business coach. This may be one of the best ways I have invested money in the last decade.

Gena Rotstein
CEO, Dexterity Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past couple of years as my business coach. She is amazing at breaking down problems and navigating the sticky parts of business relationships. As a result of the work that we have done together, my staff turn-over has stabilized, my client retention has grown and my company has expanded. I would recommend working with Laura, especially if you are seeking guidance around inter-personal and communication within your team.

Adrian Bourne
Vice President, Unitech Electrical Contracting

I’ve worked with Laura for only a short time and I can already see the benefits the relationship represents. Laura offers a very detailed explanation of strategies to deal with some quiet complex business problems. This has made some very positive impacts in the systems I employ and how I deal with relationships, both internal and external. These impacts are showing measurable successes in the business. I would have no problem advising anyone in business of the value business coaching represents with the only caveat being the quality of the coach. Laura brings that quality to every session, the single best investment I have made in business.

Murray Groen
Regional Partner, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

I feel much better and believe I am a more influential leader as well as a better communicator. Thanks again for your assistance and business coaching!

Marshall Stern
Owner, Sandbox Signs + Graphics

Having Laura as my business coach is not only the best investment I have made in my 17 years in business, it has truly transformed my way of thinking. Laura is both genuine and authentic. She holds me accountable and really encourages me to stretch in order to achieve what I am meant to achieve

Photo of Eric Rodrigues, owner of Boldera Architecture
Eric Rodrigues
Owner, Boldera Architecture

I started working with Laura while working a full-time job and a passion side gig. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and needed some help. After 1 year of working with Laura, I quit my job and I am running a thriving business. I already hired my first 2 employees. More than a business coach, Laura has become a friend. She is fully invested in my success and the future of my business looks extremely promising.

Kelly LaVallie
Partner, MNP

Laura has been my executive coach for two years. She has helped me define my life's purpose and create a life that is consistent with that purpose. Working with her has helped me identify when and where I am creating barriers to my success in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Laura is smart, intuitive, loving and passionate. Her coaching has improved my life.

Rebecca Graham P.Eng, CFP
Certified Financial Planner, Investors Group

Laura helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers I had to my own success.  After working with Laura my business was up over 100% in 1 year!

Dan Brazinha
Owner, Look Master Builder

In the past 18 months Laura has taken me from dreaming of a life that seemed elusive, to acting and living for the possibilities I choose to create. As an entrepreneur I often felt like a circus act juggling all of the different balls, none of them hitting the ground but all of them coming close. Laura helped me realize what was important and has an uncanny ability to make me feel as if I got there all on my own. She is passionate about her work. Thank you for helping me improve my business, change my personal outlook and super charging my family.

Jacqui Mulikow
Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Architects

I didn’t know how much I needed Laura’s expertise until I met with her. I was at a point in my life/career where I needed some direction, definition and purpose. I found all of them in our time together, and now I have the tools I need to stay on track going forward. Highly recommend for those who want to step up!

Natalie Seguin
Owner, Global Pet Foods

Yours is the best cheque I write every month!

Photo of Sal Farshori of Cloud Pilots
Sal Farshori
Sal Farshori, Cloud Pilots

I started working with Laura just over one year ago, and in that year I have completely turned my business around. I am convinced had I not hired her I would have closed up shop. When I hired her, I was lacking direction and suffering from self-doubt. Laura helped me get organized and focused right away, spending my time on the right things. She used a structured approach for setting goals and helping me track them religiously. Now, one year later, I have grown from 1 employee to 5. I feel I am being advised by a seasoned veteran who understands what I need and keeps me grounded to the plan.

Tanis Young
Owner, Maven Bookkeeping

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you saying, “we are your leadership team". Up until that point, I thought our sessions were more about projects & tasks. Now I get it. Thank you for your endless words of wisdom, positive outlook and guidance. Originally I had thought this would be a short-term relationship to help me get past a difficult point; now I get why so many stay connected to their coach for a long time.

Alyson Thiessen
President, Thiessen Financial Group

All of my greatest breakthroughs both personally and professionally can be attributed to being coached. I have worked with Laura for over 2 years and the business coaching has revolutionized the process. The clarity I have now is amazing.