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Venture Coaching International is a leadership and business coaching company based in Calgary. Since 2003 we’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and executives, across N. America. Many of these leaders started out as subject matter experts (SME).

As an expert, you trained to be a professional engineer, a developer, lawyer, doctor, etc. Now you’re leading a team and it’s tricky. Your role requires skills and practices you never trained for. You’re likely realizing these so-called soft skills are vital to your success and performance as a leader.

Your situation may feel urgent. You want to achieve tangible performance breakthroughs as quickly as possible.

These breakthroughs are diverse, but how they’re achieved is not. Breakthroughs come from upgrades to the way you think, how you communicate, what you choose to focus on and your willingness to accept and act on feedback.

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Our focus is helping experts like you, develop the skills to succeed in your role. To learn more about our coaching framework and your leadership development journey, visit our APPROACH PAGE and DOWNLOAD our FREE Ebook. It’ll put your situation into perspective and show you the path forward.

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What Makes Venture Coaching Unique?

  • Our clients are business owners, executives and team leaders. They generally have several direct reports, who often have direct reports of their own.

  • We coach the “whole-person”. We focus on owners and executives operating smaller organizations. We’ve taken 30 years of counselling and coaching experience and developed a comprehensive tool kit for dealing with business, leadership and personal issues.

  • Coaching is a working partnership. Your coach provides feedback, guidance, training, support and external accountability. Your job is to act on that feedback and direction with focus and commitment.

  • You can engage a coach at any point in your business and leadership journey. Our clients usually call when they have a solid business with competent people in place, but something is holding them back.

    Engage a coach when:

    • you’re overwhelmed or feeling stuck
    • you or your team are in crisis
    • you’re burnt out or frustrated
    • you want to get to the “next level”
    • communication has broken down
    • your business has plateaued
    • you need accountability
    • there is team or partner conflict
    • you feel like a fish out of water

Level Up Your Leadership

Discover the seven levels of personal and leadership development. See where you're at and how to level up.


Laura has been my executive coach for two years. She has helped me define my life's purpose and create a life that is co ...

Kelly LaVallie
Partner, MNP

I’ve worked with Laura for only a short time and I can already see the benefits the relationship represents. Laura off ...

Adrian Bourne
Vice President, Unitech Electrical Contracting

Yours is the best cheque I write every month! ...

Natalie Seguin
Owner, Global Pet Foods


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