FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why invest in business coaching?

    People invest in business coaching

    • to maintain focus and consistency in important behaviors
    • to develop and refine new skills and behaviors
    • to gain greater clarity and perspective
    • to increase accountability
    • to reconnect with priorities and move forward again
  • What are the benefits of business coaching?

    Business coaching gives us a fresh perspective on our personal challenges and creates opportunities for enhanced decision-making, interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. Coaching creates appreciable results in productivity, personal satisfaction with life, work and goal achievement.

  • When do people invest in business coaching?

    Entrepreneurs and executives invest in business coaching;

    • during times of trouble
    • during important transitions
    • during periods of rapid business growth
    • during periods requiring rapid personal growth
    • when they are tired of dealing with a recurring problem
    • when they realize they have blind spots
    • when they are dealing with intense or high value situations
  • What do people gain from business coaching?

    Through business coaching, entrepreneurs and executives;

    • learn why, when and how they self-sabotage their success
    • gain greater mastery over themselves
    • gain greater clarity, focus and commitment to goals
    • businesses’ tend to grow faster and more profitably
    • tend to feel less stressed, more in control and happier
    • tend to rekindle or restore important relationships
    • tend to become more effective communicators
  • How much does business coaching cost?

    Standard pricing ranges from $500 to $2,000 per month depending on your needs.

    Business coaching is delivered in four standard modes:

    • Half time is 2 hours per month (1 hour every 2 weeks, or 30 min. every week)
    • Full time is 4 hours per month (1 hour every week)
    • Double-time is 8 hours per month (2 hours every week)
    • Project based or “a la carte” services often apply in unique situations or where partners and teams are involved.
  • Where do you offer business coaching?

    I provide in-person, telephone and internet business coaching in Canada and the USA.

  • How are results measured?

    Business coaching results are measured with internal and external indicators.

    External Indicators: Metrics are established based on goals. Data is entered into our online coaching system, tracked and graphed. You can create as many metrics as you like and review your progress online 24/7.

    Internal Indicators: changes in self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts in thinking, shifts in emotional state and confidence, increased energy, increased satisfaction and happiness in life.

  • What is business coaching?

    Business coaching is a professional partnership between the coach and the individual or team. Coaches help us gain clarity about our goals and what is most important to us. Coaches help us see our “blind spots” and uncover situations where we “get in our own way”, so we can move forward more effectively and efficiently.

  • How is business coaching delivered?

    Business coaching begins with your Strategy Session that uncovers your current opportunities, challenges, vision and expected outcomes. The scope of the relationship is defined and specific outcomes are established.  Sessions are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, occurring weekly. Between sessions, you complete action steps that are aligned with your goals. We offer direction, support, a sounding board, insight and accountability as you move along your process.

  • How does business coaching work?

    By the time you have committed to business coaching, we will already know the primary issues. During our first session, we lay the foundation for our ongoing coaching relationship, our goals and expected outcomes. Coaching continues on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to uncover your blind-spots and keep you moving towards your goals.

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