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Communication Coaching

Are you frustrated with communication issues?

You’re not alone. It’s a frustration most business owners and leaders share. Ineffective communication damages families and costs businesses billions each year. It taxes you mentally and emotionally. It’s exhausting, and it can start to feel hopeless.

Poor communication and the conflict it creates is not a hopeless situation! But note, the main problem to address is you (not everyone else). But that’s good news, because you can master effective communication.

When you master communication skills you can compensate for the worst communicators around you.

This is where communication coaching comes in. I help you change your understanding of communication. Then, we transform your communication approach and skills.

When you start communicating effectively, you’ll revolutionize your leadership and family life.

If you’re ready to transform your communication skills, I’d love to help!

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I have been utilizing the business coaching services of Laura Watson now for almost two years. In these two years not on ...

Geoff Summach
Managing Partner, SAW Strategic Design Studio

Laura helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers I had to my own success.  After working with Laura my ...

Rebecca Graham P.Eng, CFP
Certified Financial Planner, Investors Group

I feel much better and believe I am a more influential leader as well as a better communicator. Thanks again for your as ...

Murray Groen
Regional Partner, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

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