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Are you spinning your wheels with your sales and marketing efforts? Does it feel like so much costly and unproductive busy work? Your marketing efforts probably feel unproductive, because they are. Unless your efforts are part of an integrated sales and marketing program you’re unlikely to see much come from them.

Many people struggle because they engage in what we call “random acts of marketing” rather than working to implement a sales and marketing system.

Your marketing coach will help you focus your efforts, to design and rollout a business development program in a way that fits your needs, schedule and budget.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past couple of years as my business coach. She is amazing at break ...

Gena Rotstein, Dexterity Consulting

In the past 18 months Laura has taken me from dreaming of a life that seemed elusive, to acting and living for the possi ...

Dan Brazinha
Look Master Builder

I didn’t know how much I needed Laura’s expertise until I met with her. I was at a point in my life/career where I n ...

Jacqui Mulikow
Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Architects

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